The Benefits of On-Site Eye Care Clinics for Schools

//The Benefits of On-Site Eye Care Clinics for Schools

The Benefits of On-Site Eye Care Clinics for Schools

It’s not easy to take time away from a busy schedule to attend appointments like a regular eye exam. With commuting added into the mix, a quick checkup can stretch into an event that consumes a large portion of the day. The solution is to have the clinic travel to the patients, and that’s our business model at Optical Academy Franchise.

This major convenient feature of our business is particularly useful for a setting such as a school. Some educational facilities may have a small medical clinic or nurse on-site, but it’s exceedingly rare that any of them will have an eye-care clinic.

A mobile clinic that goes to the students is the ideal solution for eye health care because it is very convenient and accessible. Not only that, it’s vitally important to provide quality vision care for students since 80% of all learning is visual in the first 12 years of life.

In the U.S., as many as 25 million children under 18 wear glasses while 1 in 4 children has a vision problem. Early detection and support provided by a clinic that comes to the school is a solution that assures young people of excellent care and also detects any issues before they become problems.

A mobile eye-care franchise like the ones we offer is the best of both worlds. It’s convenient for the students and staff by providing minimal disruption in the daily routine and, most importantly, it protects the gift of sight.

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